About Us

About Us

GlobalTrafficMedia is an innovative and forward-thinking online marketing company. We employ an enthusiastic, dedicated team of creative specialists, and consultants. Coordinating efforts and aligning mutual goals enables GTM to break into new markets and drive business in exciting directions worldwide. Customized services that push client products beyond their competitors is achieved through our knowledge and expertise.

Creative thinkers bring turn-key solutions for online companies, assisting them in development and maintaining sustainable profit-streams. Providing a full suite of services that matches the required needs of any eMarketing businesses is what GTM does best. Services include SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), e-mail marketing, web design, promotional advertisements, content writing and web strategies.

GTM creates successful eMarketing strategies that secure, and promote business products through years of experience and proven work. Bringing a diligent work ethic along with intimate knowledge of the online industry, expert eMarketing teams leverage new tools and strategies to hit targets and shape client forecasts.

Our approach incorporates optimum performance techniques via PPC (Pay Per Click) and PPL (Pay Per Lead), so that our clients receive a profitable ROI (Return On Investment). Maximizing customer acquisition and retention, are two key performance indicators that every online company requires. GTM spends time, and resources to nurture client relationships. We believe that a relationship built on trust will last a lifetime

Why Us


The dedication we give to our clients has allowed us to build relationships across a wide array of online industries. Much of our relationships success is attributed to our transparency, which is an integral part of our marketing approach.


GTM performs 24/7, and has been described as the company who does not sleep. We make every effort to ensure our clients are receiving the attention, and care they deserve. Once we begin working on your behalf, you can count on us that your expectations will be met and surpassed.


Your account will be supported by the most qualified, skilled online marketing professionals around. Their know-how quickly becomes a tool for your company to tap, and leverage. The possibilities are limitless, and GTM’s experts will do everything within their power to build your marketing efforts into a stable and profitable approach to make your company succeed.