Interview With Global Traffic Media Affiliate Manager, Jenny Leikin

Global Traffic Media is a digital marketing company offering excellent tools to develop affiliate programs.

We sat down with one of the newest affiliate managers, Jenny Leikin to lean more.

What have you learned from the affiliates that you manage?

Each affiliate representatives a world with in a world. Mostly I’ve learned you need to create a clear channel of communication that will allow both parties to have a similar view of the current standings in our current relationship. Some have social traffic, others have traffic sources from their seo efforts, and some have ppc campaigns. We have many types of affiliates that work with us, and each one is unique.

What differentiates Global Traffic Media from other digital marketing companies? in your opinion?

Our focus on the brand and how this relates to our client’s traffic is what draws the most interest. We have a clear vision of where we want to take our clients, and we use our marketing tools, and knowledge to push the respective brands.

How do you find the right affiliate deals?

We look for quality deals with long term partnerships, that serve both parties mutually. Our experience talks for itself, and unlike other digital marketing companies, we walk you through all of the reporting and other real-time information that you will receive from us.

What is the office culture like at Global Traffic Media?

We are a young team with a lot of knowledge. As a startup we are diligent and professional. We have a small, intimate team where each team member wants to take a deep part in the operations of the organization. We work long hours together, we are like a family. We work hard and play hard day in and day out.