Affiliate Marketing

Businesses are always happy to find low-risk, cost-effective ways to increase traffic and generate sales. When it comes to these two parameters — cost and impact — affiliate marketing is nearly unbeatable.

Simply put, affiliate marketing is enlisting a network of affiliate partners to promote your products or services and paying them on a commission-based model. Affiliate marketing has become incredibly popular thanks to the numerous benefits the system offers.


The benefits of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing offers multiple benefits:

  1. Cost-effectiveness
    Affiliate marketing is incredibly cost-effective. It is commission-based, which means you only pay if the desired action (conversion) takes place. In addition, you can reach new customers without the overhead cost of creating and running your own marketing campaign.
  2. Motivation
    Since affiliates are paid on commission, they are highly motivated to produce results. Working with an affiliate network, you can expect quality traffic, not just empty clicks.
  3. New markets and customer bases
    Affiliate marketing is the easiest and fastest way to break into new markets and branch out into new customer bases. This is especially beneficial to new businesses, or those looking to break into foreign markets.
  4. SEO benefits
    Affiliate marketing will, by its very nature, generate a great number of quality backlinks. You can expect your SEO and your website’s ranking to dramatically improve as a result.
  5. Reputation boost
    With a trusted network of affiliates, you can build on your partners’ reputation in their respective markets to work in your favour. When your products or services are highlighted by reputable, trusted bloggers or websites, you can count on increased consumer confidence in your brand.

Is affiliate marketing right for you?

No matter your line of business, affiliate marketing can help you sell your products and services and boost your online presence. Affiliate marketing has become increasingly popular, and there are extended networks of affiliates around the globe covering every niche.


How Global Traffic Media can help you

Navigating the world of affiliate marketing can be daunting, especially if you’re new to it or lack the resources to oversee an affiliate marketing campaign yourself. This is where Global Traffic Media steps in.
We have nearly a decade of cumulative experience running affiliate marketing campaigns. As a result Global Traffic Media has a vast network of valuable connections and partnerships with affiliates all over the world. We have both the experience and the skills needed to put together effective affiliate marketing strategies that are customised to your goals and needs.


How we work

To run a successful affiliate marketing programme, you need the right affiliate managers, the right networks, and the right tools to make it all work. We have all of the above and more.
Affiliate marketing is at its best when it’s part of a unique marketing plan, tailored to meet your specific expectations. At Global Traffic Media, we approach digital marketing with a holistic view. After an initial consultation, we will review your business goals, study your site metrics, and examine your existing marketing efforts. We will then create a custom marketing strategy and find the right affiliates to execute it.

We do it all in-house. We enlist the best affiliates in our network or recruit new, reputable ones if needed. We create and oversee every aspect of your unique affiliate marketing programme, and constantly monitor analytics to be able to make timely adjustments if necessary. 


Affiliate marketing is a highly cost-effective, low-risk digital marketing method — when done right.

We at Global Traffic Media have the necessary experience, tools, and strategic partnerships to create tailor-made plans that deliver real results. Get in touch today to see how you can benefit from affiliate marketing.