PPC (Pay Per Click)

Why PPC is important for online businesses

Competition is fierce for Google rankings, and competing businesses know that a first-page ranking is often not enough – studies show that following a search, potential customers tend to click on one of the first three websites listed. With Google’s frequent algorithm changes, even top-ranking sites need to work to maintain visibility. Pay-per-click is the most effective way to guarantee that visibility for your business.

How PPC can help you and your business

While good SEO work lays the foundations for top organic search results, pay-per-click bypasses those results entirely and places you at the very top of the list. The quick boost PPC provides is especially useful if you’re a new business or if you’re trying to introduce a new or seasonal product or service. PPC can also help you overcome a temporary drop in rankings.

PPC allows you to react quickly

The beauty of pay-per-click campaigns is that they work fast. On top of seeing results within a short period of time, you can also react and adjust your PPC campaign quickly to adapt to market conditions or changes in your product or service. This flexibility is a huge plus when it comes to digital marketing.

Is PPC the right digital marketing tool for you?

Pay-per-click advertising can suit any online business, and in certain cases it is absolutely the recommended course of action.

PPC is especially ideal if

  • You’re trying to create buzz as part of a short-term campaign
  • You have a new product or service that you’d like to roll out
  • You’re a new business
  • You’re in a niche market or use highly specific keywords
  • You need results, and you need them NOW

How we work

At Global Traffic Media, we create customised PPC campaigns. Our goal is to ensure that you get not only traffic but clicks from visitors who are likely to follow through and make a purchase as well. 

We have the skill and expertise needed to create the right campaign that targets the right consumers. We’ll do the heavy lifting to ensure you see the best possible results in the shortest possible amount of time.

Before getting started, we recommend a full consultation with us to explore your goals and discuss your budget. This will allow us to create a PPC campaign that is both successful and affordable. We

PPC will produce results faster than other digital marketing tools; however, it’s best if it forms one important part of your marketing strategy instead of it being the sole plan. Our PPC campaigns will complement your existing SEO efforts — but if needed, we can create a digital marketing strategy that incorporates other elements (such as SEO and affiliate marketing) as well.  

Not just Google

While the focus of PPC tends to be on search engines, you mustn’t neglect social media networks. Online shopping has been constantly evolving, and social media is increasingly becoming the place where consumers look for products and services. Global Traffic Media will create and conduct ad campaigns on social media networks, taking into account your business profile, your product or service, your target demographic, and more.

Transparency and reporting

Paid search is a great tool, but the added costs require even greater responsibility and transparency on your marketer’s part. At Global Traffic Media, we are in constant communication with our clients: We deliver timely reports and check in with you regularly to keep you updated and make sure we’re always on the same page. We never fall asleep at the wheel — the best PPC campaigns are constantly monitored and optimised. Ongoing reporting and communication allows us to make changes if needed.

While paid search is especially beneficial to new or niche businesses or those seeking fast results, at the end of the day PPC can help you reach your targets, no matter your business profile, product, or industry.
The goal is to maximise conversions, not just clicks. We create tailored campaigns and work closely with clients to ensure that their paid search efforts are successful. Get in touch today to see how Global Traffic Media can make PPC work for you.