Effective Brand Marketing

Digital marketing starts with the fundamentals of knowing your audience and understanding the exact product type or topic they need. Smart advertisers are finding good leads by running quality research, constantly. Trends change as to the search queries your traffic will enter, in fact according to Google 15% of searches are new each day. This means that in order to capture new leads your marketing efforts, especially for paid search, needs to be relevant and up to date.

Digital Challenges

Let’s look at a familiar topic to simplify some of the challenges facing marketing novices and experts in 2018. Looking at sports – news, events games, etc. Your blog or Facebook page is dedicated to providing real time information that can be useful for fans, readers, and others. You’re best method of gaining traffic is from organic SEO and by posting articles on sites that maybe affiliated with your readers’ interests.

Since you’re not an affiliate you would likely not spend money to advertise your site on Google Adwords or other ppc platforms. In this case you need to find the keywords that are being searched, and here lies the first challenge. Choosing your keywords is a critical step, especially in the vast landscape of sports.

Innovate methods like mentioning words that are searched less often than others, or even slipping in a few misspelled words, will give you an angle into competing against some of the larger media outlets reporting on a sporting event. The same example can be used in fashion, politics, etc.  

With your brand you will create a following of people who are attracted to many parts of your site or Facebook page. What sets you apart from the rest can be items as simple as color, time of publishing/posting, photo captions, and other nuances that maybe so subtle that they are subliminal.

Digital Triumphs

A huge win for brands in 2018 are the amount of publishers that are ready to partner with your content and product. Take for example a quick story that encapsulates a digital win. A food processor company had been searching for new tricks in finding new clients and broadening its net to capture new leads, oh and they were interested in spending $0.

A concept was born and a brand emerged as a result. Will it blend decided to take to YouTube to launch what it thought would be a one time video demonstrating the power of its blenders. To say a star is born would be an understatement. An i-pad was placed in the blender and the switch was turned on, and so were the views. Within a few hours they had surpassed 100k today the video stands at over 7 million views.

Brand owners have so many platforms to get creative on that the hardest part is choosing what innovative tactic to use. In each industry there are marketing approaches that have not yet been tried. Take a good look at your product and then think about Will it Blend. How can you employ a similar approach to your, dog shop, sports blog, catering service? What can be done on your end as a brand owner to wow and amaze. Get it right one time and it can change your brand’s identity overnight.