Online Marketing In 2018

The marketing strategies will take a new direction this year as more and more companies are seeing the critical value of incorporating a host of functions including, mobile and voice.

Let’s first start with the insane increase in voice shopping throughout the world. Voice activated assistants from retail giants like Amazon and other leading companies like Apple, and Microsoft have embarked on a marketing strategy, which allows people to make orders by using a device like Google’s Home, or Amazon’s Echo.

With these devices you are able to make purchases simply by speaking, and even more than this, companies like Best Buy are now sending contextual voice ads like the “deal of the day,” and other promotional, personalized recommendations for users of these voice devices. This type of rich data brings deals to your ears as they happen in real-time.

In addition to the voice segment of marketing in 2018, the mobile vertical is now a must for any company looking to stay relevant and competitive. Be sure that your site is responsive to any mobile device, be it Android or IOS, you want to make sure your site can be viewed and is working correctly. Within the mobile space is another really important piece to the marketing puzzle – apps.

So many companies are able to develop apps at affordable prices that it makes not having an app to go along with your business really unfortunate. Apps are one of the most convenient ways for your customers to visit your site and make orders or take action. Development of your app can come at the beginning of your website development or at the end, either way be sure you are able to work on promoting your site in the App store, or in any capacity that will help push it to the top. Optimizing apps is the name of the game, so remember it’s not enough only to have an app for your website, you also need to constantly push it up by optimizing it.